Teen Porn Starlet Knows How To Tease
I have been a fan of Destiny Moody for a long time now. Ever since she first appeared on the scene at the tender age of 18. And what first attracted me to this teen babe was that special mix of innocence and sexuality she embodies. She starts off with a cute and innocent smile and then she shows off her sweet body. A body that has soft supple tits, a nice round ass and a pussy that is soft, tight and ready to be fucked hard.

So I decided to go to the vault and pull out this little scene of 18 year old Destiny Moody. A gallery that really shows what makes this teen chick so attractive in the first place. I don't know what fucking outfit she is wearing, but it is really making me horny. It is sort of a cross between a baby doll outfit and a Spanish dress. It's an odd outfit but is still capable of driving me crazy. I guess it's because she is wearing high heels and nylon stockings. But the outfit doesn't stay on long. She's quick to discard it and show off some of her better parts.

After giving us a little pout she goes right to her signature move. She gets down on her knees, closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue. She knows we want her to give us a blow job and she milks it for everything she can. Giving us a perfect view down her blouse at her sexy tits while we dream of shoving our dicks into her perfect mouth.

She then shows off her tight ass and beautiful tits. She might not get fully nude in this gallery, but she shows us just enough to peak our interest. And that is what makes her so incredible.